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World Maps, Globes, Atlases and Promotional Mapping

World Map Data

Global Mapping offers you the full range of digital mapping and geospatial data including VMAP products and other GIS Datasets produced by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). You can source all forms of geospatial data including satellite imagery, digital and paper topographic maps, geological and nautical charts and data.

Make-a-map of the geology of the British Isles
3D DEM maps

Value can be added to your data by creating metadata records and utilising the base geospatial data to build Digital Elevation Models (DEM's - in other words 3D Maps!), geodatabases and other technical products.

DDay Omaha Beach Map

Over 60 Tera Bytes of maps and GIS data and over 500,000 paper map sheets are available covering every corner of the World. For more information you can call 01280 840770 or email

World 1:15M Data Set

This new dataset is based on 'The Digital Chart of the World (DCW)' and extensively improved and attributed. It has all you need to make detailed maps, or you can use the data in your own GIS system.

Comes complete with data layers including administration boundaries, roads, railways, towns, physical names, contours, hillshading and drainage.

The data is available in MapInfo Mif/Mid or ArcView shapefile formats for only £495.

Also available are World Political Wall Maps from 1:20 million scale to 1:60 million scale all derived from this dataset.

World data maps