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    Data Capture for GIS
    Planning policies, highways information, BLPU's and historical land use are just some of the areas that if captured accurately and supplied in the appropriate format for your GIS would make your life that much more efficient. We have experienced operators with a wealth of practical experience in the public sector, working to stringent quality procedures to ensure that you get back the data you are expecting. As part of the pre-production process a delivery schedule will be agreed designed to cause you the minimum of disruption whilst documents are in our possession. We have a flexible approach to working on or off site and in cases where you are unable to release documents under any circumstances, then we would be happy for our staff to operate from your premises or to advise you of an alternative solution such as working from scanned images.
    Global Mapping's Consultancy Service offers the independence to provide you with the most effective solution on GIS selection, pre and post implementation advice and planning ongoing project management.

    Our extensive knowledge of most GIS products allows us to transfer your data with minimum disruption. You can supply your data in any common GIS format and it will be transferred utilizing both existing transfer protocols and bespoke solutions.

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