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World Maps, Globes, Atlases and Promotional Mapping

Maps for Publishers

  • YG - Belfast GM OSM 2015
  • St. Lucia

  • Maps can be supplied in many formats and designed to a specific specification. Our experienced editors can work from a brief or direct with an author to ensure your map reflects the accompanying text.

    The level of our input can be adapted to meet the publisher’s requirement. Single maps can be supplied to illustrate the location the book is based in, or for a guide book, an overview map and then enlarged extracts for each area of interest.

    The other end of the spectrum would be producing a complete atlas, we have experience with both reference and school atlases. Having worked on the world’s largest atlas –

    EARTH, no job is beyond our capabilities!

    Book Packaging

    Let us take away the stress of publishing a new title, give us the manuscript, images etc. and leave it to us. This example was a 2 volume boxed set for the Saudi Geological Survey titled ‘The Geologic Evolution of Saudi Arabia’

    The first part outlined the geologic evolution of Saudi Arabia and explores the connections between geology and landscape.

    The second is a boxed set of 9 booklets covering a number of geologic excursions and GeoNotes. We even redrew the maps as a goodwill gesture!