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World Maps, Globes, Atlases and Promotional Mapping

Custom Maps

Maps can come in all shapes and sizes, designed to meet a particular requirement, so if you need a map to illustrate a book, leaflet or guide, a location map for your office, or a map for an event etc then we can help you. Here are just some examples including the opportunity for you to become a cartographer and create your map yourself! But please feel free to contact us for advice email or call 07957 806497

Create Your Own Maps

If you're feeling brave you could create your map yourself! Actually it really isnt that difficult, just follow the simple instructions, the process is fairly intuitive. You can create a postcode map covering your specific area, a street map or parish map of your local area, an attractive terrain map of Australia or any number of other maps. You'll find map bases from publishers such as Ordnance Survey, National Geographic, A-Z and many other publishers to choose from. If you do get stuck you can always call us on 07957 806497-we won't mind! To start just click on the picture alongside. Good luck!

Internet Mapping - Web Maps and Online Map Data

The Internet is a great way to do business. Ordering online is now commonplace ( to order just about any map ever published, including Global Mapping’s of course) and corporate websites arguably now have more importance than the company brochure. Maps are a great way to enhance your site, getting information across quickly and, if it’s your office location map, an extremely useful addition to your site.

Whether you have one office in Brackley or 500 outlets in every town in Britain, potential clients need to know how to find you. Interactive map based websites can be created simply utilising Google Maps or you can have a more personalised site with detailed mapping and high resolution aerial photography.

Every website should be different so for friendly help and advice email or call 07957 806497

Global Mapping Promotional Maps and Atlases

Promotional Maps, Atlases & Globes from Jeremy Whitticase on Vimeo.

Maps and Atlases are a great vehicle for promoting your business as they are useful, can be used for reference at anytime, and have a perceived value which means they are unlikely to get thrown away! Global Mapping have a series of maps and atlases that can easily be adapted to promote your brand and they are flexible enough to appear in most formats-large or small-specific to meet your exact requirements

For more information let us have an idea of what you have in mind and the quantity, just email or call 07957 806497