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Global Mapping's location maps are fit for the Queen literally! We're sure the Queen knows where all her homes are but for the thousands of visitors trying to find the front door it isn't always that easy. So we were asked to produce a series of maps, all to the same style for use in brochures, ticket wallets and on the internet. The maps for Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Holyroodhouse Palace and St. James' Palace also indicate nearest parking, toilets and tube stations. Please be assured that we also do location maps for more humble dwellings!

We can prepare location maps for your website at an appropriate scale to show anything from where an office is located on a street, to pinpoint entrances to a particular building, to show access routes to the site in question or to provide an overview map locating several premises. Below is a selection of such maps.

Global Mapping’s own location map
Zierler Media location map

Spratt Endicott
Buckingham Palace

Location maps can be supplied to any style or format, from electronic media to paper product. Website maps can be supplied in print compatible formats to satisfy either or both requirements. If you prefer to issue your location information as a printed map this can take the form of anything from a straightforward A4 document to a sophisticated pop-up map for added impact. Call us on 01280 840770 to discuss how we can provide you with maps to enhance your corporate image.