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The best way to appreciate the beautiful countryside of rolling hills surrounding Brackley is on foot (or cycle) and the walks here will help you get the most from the area. Walks range from a 30 minute stroll to small hikes of four hours - so something for all. The walks from Brackley start at the Leisure Centre as there is plenty of free car parking without time restraints. The town centre map will help you until you get to the outskirts of the town whereby you go to the appropriate walk in the guide. Scroll down and you will also find a series of suggested cycle routes

Ordnance Survey Maps

Ordnance Survey Explorer 191 - Banbury, Bicester & Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire - Folded Map

We would recommend taking an OS Explorer map with you on your walk. They show all footpaths and bridleways especially useful if you decide to go 'off piste' and not follow our suggested route. It also gives you a second view of your route which can help you orientate yourself if you get lost (it happens to us all!). You can get the equivalent maps from MapStop in the Courtyard Mews or the Old Hall Bookshop.

Children, how observant are you? A bit further down this page is information about spotting some of our wildlife when you're out walking.

Brackley Town Centre

Click here to download a PDF of this map

Evenley Circular

Allow just over 2 hours for this 6 mile walk.
Starting from the leisure centre, this walk heads for Turweston and then Evenley, takes in Evenley Park and the Pocket Park by St James' Lake

Click here to download a PDF of the walk

Farthinghoe and Nature Reserve

Approx 6 1/2 miles Takes around 2 1/2 hours and includes Farthinghoe Nature Reserve which has numerous benches to allow you to take in the stunning views. You can just do an hour walk around the reserve if you wish, the entrance is on the Purston road, just past the recycling centre on the way to Banbury.

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One of the shortest walks, just 3 hours, a comfortable 1 1/2 hour walk with views over Sutchbury. Don't be put off by the sign saying 'Bull in Field'!

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Halse Copse and Radstone

There are two walks here which can be done independently or as one. Halse Copse is full of noises, trying to spot what's making them isn't as easy! Halse Copse is the longer of the two walks at 7 miles which will take around 3 hours. Radstone is 5 miles and will take about 2 hours.

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Steane / Hinton in the Hedges

Admire Steane Park along the way of this 6 1/2 mile walk which take a bit over 3 hours to complete. There is a ford to cross vis some stepping stones which aren't that big, could be an fun challenge for you!

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Stowe Park & Chackmore

Takes in the beautiful Stowe Parkland with views agross the beautiful gardens including a stunning view of Stowe School from Corinthian Arch. The walk is about 6 1/2 miles but you can miss out the last bit if you wish. The northern section is ideal for young children, totally traffic free with plenty of parkland to run around. There is an excellent tea bar in Stowe Gardens but you will need to pay the admission fee into the gardens unless you are a member of National Trust.

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St James' Lake

Brackleys hidden secret, this small nature reserve centers on a man made lake surrounded by a flat path with plenty of picnic benches. There is plenty of wildlife to see both on the lake and the adjoining pocket park.

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Turweston Whitfield

Walk taking in the airfield at Turweston plus the villages of Turweston and Whitfield. Allow about 2 1/2 hours plus any time for stopping for refreshments.

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Tusmore and Shelswell

Two walks taking in glorious parkland. Tusmore is totally traffic free with plenty of footpaths to choose from, some being flat enough for wheelchairs. Shelswell is a wood and parkland area, the walk starts near a lake is about 5 miles long and takes about 2 1/2 hours more if you go into Fringford.

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Whitfield to Syresham

The longest walk taking up to 4 hours to complete. 7 1/2 miles long, the walk takes in Whistley Wood which you can walk around, well worth it in spring when the bluebells are out. The walk goes through Syresham and Biddlesden and the final leg follows the River Great Ouse.

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Get on your bike and ride!

These 6 routes all start at Brackley Leisure Centre, you can download instructions for each route below. The map also highlights Whistley Wood, Hazelborough Wood, Bucknell Wood and Stoke Wood, al of which were recommended for their wonderful walks. Parking is available at all of them and all have a network of footpaths to follow.

Click here to download PDF of the walk

Canons Ashby - 24miles Download instructions here
Charlton and Croughton - 16miles Download instructions here
Cottisford and Croughton - 17miles Download instructions here
Stowe and Boycott Farm - 21miles Download instructions here
Syresham and Wappenham - 17miles Download instructions here
Wardington - 22miles Download instructions here

Children's Wildlife Spoting Section

Throughout the walking guide you will notice pictures of animals, flowers and places of interest that you may see on your walk, some easier to spot than others. When you see them tick the box and add up the total number of points you score. There are Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificates for you to download from below.

You need 80 points to be awarded a gold certificate. Download here only when you have 80 points.

You need 50 points to be awarded a silver certificate Download here only when you have 50 points.

You need 20 points to be awarded a bronze certificate. Download here only when you have 20 points.

Barn Owl
Canada Goose
Fritillaria Meleagris
Little Owl
Long Horned Cow
Meadow Brown
Peacock Butterfly
Red Kite
St Peters Church
Town Hall


The Countryside Code

The Countryside Code for England and Wales ensures the rights of everyone to enjoy the countryside freely, regardless of ownership as long as they obey a few simple rules. Throughout the United Kingdom, farms, fields, woodlands and hills are bordered or crossed by ancient rights of way and public footpaths which landowners are obliged to keep clear. This right of access is enshrined in British custom and law.

Know Before You Go - The Countryside Code for England and Wales Click here


Have you found something wrong on any of the maps or in the instructions? If you have we apologise! If you'd like to let us know, we'll amend the artwork ready for the next edition. Just send an email by clicking here

The Publishers would like to thank the following Brackley residents who suggested their favourite routes so you could share them: Jean Morgan, Richard Savory, Reverend Anne Shorter, David Mico, Hazel Wainwright, Jenny Nisbet, Donna Hooper, Victoria Pratt, Mark Roland, Tim Pridmore. Also George Eatwell, Louis Feiven, Jack Richardson and Joe Turner from Magdalen College School who helped during their work experience.

Map Design: Mary Spence MBE
Paintings: Tracy Smith

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