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Why we do it...

Most people are quite amazed, when we tell them that we design city transport maps. After all, you would have thought the transport authorities are doing that themselves for their own publicity.

And so we thought, until we started doing a bit of research.

It all began with a whistle-stop tour of European cities (17 in 11 days) back in 1989 and what we found was quite surprising. In some cities, information, and particularly system maps, were readily available - if not always up to the standards set by Harry Beck on behalf of London Underground back in the 1930's.

In other cities we found there to be very little or no easily available information.

Then, carrying out a bit more research we found that publishers were finding it difficult to obtain mapping from the transport authorities to use in their guidebooks.

And following all that research we found that the transport authorities were not getting their own information right or it was incomplete or misleading.

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We're not here to criticise other peoples work but we are in the business of providing a service and we think it right that you have access to comparisons so that you can judge what is best for you and your customers.

We believe that the purpose of a great transport map is to communicate to the user a choice of travel options to get around the city quickly and efficiently so that during the limited time they have they can enjoy their experience rather than trying to get to grips with an unfamiliar system.

From your point of view, as the provider of the guide book, we understand you want a map that not only looks great at each of your product page sizes, but one which also includes the information relevant to the text in your book, i.e. where possible, the extent of the map reaches the parts the book author speaks about.

You've also worked hard to create a uniform brand throughout the range and so a collection of maps with a consistent style would fit neatly with that policy. And the fact that you can direct us to tailor the map to your exact needs gives you far greater choice than a take-it-or-leave-it attitude a transport authority probably has.

And then there's accuracy. It's fine having a great-looking map but if it's not accurate there's all sorts of repercussions. A good reputation garnered over years of hard work can quickly disappear if the information in the product is not accurate.

Below we present just some of the examples we have come across where the transport authority hasn't always got it right. We recognise that none of the inaccuracies are so bad that the user would be at a big loss, but these inaccuracies can lead to confusion, and in a strange and unfamiliar surrounding and time-limited situation, that starts to add up. And what is the purpose of a guidebook?

Welcome to a world of transport maps, from Global Mapping and Communicarta ...

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How accurate do you want your maps?

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