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  • Satellite Imagery - New Worlds to Explore

    Satellite Imagery offers some of the most spectacular views of our World. Normally offered in refined natural colour, images can be produced of anywhere in the World at an appropriate resolution and to a projection suitable for your needs. Data can be supplied as JPEGs or GIFs ready for use by map makers and graphic designers. Prices depend on many factors such as coverage, the resolution required (eg 15m for the Bahamas above or 1m for London below) and also the currency of the data and how much cloud cover is acceptable (see Bahamas above)

    Satellite image prints are ideal for classrooms, boardrooms, offices etc. and can be supplied in a choice of finishes including laminated, encapsulated or framed. They can show the whole World or just a region or city, combined with terrain models to create stunning images like this one of Snowdon.