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Local Plan Production

"We are very happy to recommend Global Mapping to other local authorities."

Global Mapping produce local plans with MAPublisher. Wychavon District Council hold their data in MapInfo and couldn’t get it out into a presentable form. MAPublisher accessed their MapInfo tables, brought over the OS data for the base maps (including text via a routine written by ourselves) to produce print ready files which then went to print. At the end of the project, Wychavon received back their printed copies, the map files and a copy of MAPublisher.

Martin Tout, Planning Technician at Wychavon said "Despite having a very tight deadline, Global Mapping's technical ability and friendliness helped us produce an excellent set of full colour local plan town inset maps and proposals map. We are very happy to recommend Global Mapping to other local authorities"

Barbara Rayment at the London Borough of Ealing was equally pleased and kindly sent us the following comment:

"Ealing needed its UDP policy map produced from around 30 MapInfo tabs, many of which overlapped and were therefore very difficult to display clearly direct from MapInfo. In mid-September we saw and were impressed by a demo of Global Mapping's cartographic capability at GeoSolutions 2002, less than a month before the publication deadline. Alan Smith assured us that he could deliver on time and to our budget, and within two weeks we had proofs, which as ever gave rise to amendments which he coped with calmly and efficiently. The printed maps were delivered to the document publishers on schedule, and we distributed on time. We were delighted not only with the speed of production but also the clarity of the maps, and are hoping to use the software in future projects."

Cheers, Barbara