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Grounds Maintenance

We offer an efficient data capture service to Housing Authorities capturing your Grounds Maintenance, a service which has saved our customers both time and money (this has been substantial in some cases, for example, one client found out about 5 properties they didn't realize they had!)

Very briefly, this is how we do it:

Ground maintenance data can be captured from the digital photography that is now available. All we would need would be the following:

  • Land Registry GIS boundaries
  • Aerial Photography
  • Ordnance Survey MasterMap

These can either be provided by you or acquired by us.

We will process each Land Registry boundary in turn and capture the ground maintenance features within. Aerial Photography will enable the identification of the Ground Maintenance features:

cid:image001.jpg@01CDA552.17E3AA70   cid:image002.jpg@01CDA552.17E3AA70

The geometry is captured from the Ordnance Survey aerial photography not from Google products to avoid any copyright infringement.

The following is the result of capturing the data by this methodology (Shrubbery Dark Green, Grass Light Green):


© Crown Copyright Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey

Following capture of the feature the Land Registry title number will be copied and attached as attribute information.

It sounds simple and to a point it is but we have learnt over may years of offering a data capture service that preparation is the key to a successful project so having submitted an estimate, we would then have a commencement meeting with yourselves to clarify your requirements. We would then go away, do a small Pilot of 2 or 3 sites then have a further meeting to create the rules for the rest of the project.

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