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At Global Mapping we offer a wide selection of wall maps to cover almost every possible requirement you may have. Our wall maps are available in 15 standard variations including maps of continents, such as Europe and South America, and maps of individual countries, such as the British Isles and China.

We're also able to offer bespoke editions of many of our wall maps too. For example, our wall maps can be laminated, which enables them to be written on with temporary dry-wipe pens. This is particularly useful for teachers using wall maps as an educational tool in schools or colleges.

Global Mapping also offers a range of bespoke promotional wall maps; these make a great addition to the workplace and can enhance your corporate image. For example if you're a logistics company we can produce a bespoke map that highlights the areas of the world that your business deals with.

Most of our wall maps are created with our sister company XYZ Digital Map Company whose database forms the basis of the maps and the SkyView Poster range. Global Mapping wall maps are available to buy in all good map shops around the world, or directly from us via our online store.

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