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Postcode Maps and Data From Global Mapping

Postcode Maps cover the UK down to Sector Level plus there is an excellent map showing the first level of postcode right across Europe. All available either as paper, encapsulated in plastic or mounted and framed.

paper globes

paper globes

paper globes

Postcode Area Map
Global Mapping offer a range of Postcode Maps covering the UK from this single sheet showing just the Postcode Areas down to the series of Postcode Sector maps.

Postcode District Maps
Postcode Districts are denoted by the first 2 or 3 characters of your postcode eg. B1, B2, or OX1, OX2 etc. These district boundaries are depicted on Global Mapping’s series of seven postcode district maps. The background has been made grayscale to enhance the postcode boundaries.

Postcode Map of Europe
This unique brand new Postcode Map covers the whole of Europe, right across to the Ural Mountains including postcodes for Ukraine and Turkey

paper globes
paper globes


Postcode Sector Maps
Postcode Sectors are denoted by the first 3 or 4 characters of your postcode. eg. B1 1, B1 2 or OX1 1, OX1 2 etc. These sector boundaries are depicted on Global Mapping’s series of 22 postcode sector maps.

Postcode Data
Postcode data is available in a variety of products or as product combinations. You can purchase the data including PAF and Postzon for the whole U.K. or just your area of interest.

Can we help you?
You can utilise postcode data in many ways to help. We've answered some of the more popular questions here but feel free to call 01280 840785 if you would like to talk to someone

Global Mapping Postcode wall maps are available to buy in all good map shops. If you wish to buy online there are two sites we recommend. is a site we set up featuring just our Postcode wall maps, the site does only accept payment by Paypal though.

The second site is which is our main map shop offering over 13,000 map based products including Globes, Atlases, Map Data, Software as well as more quirky items such as lampshades and tablecloths!