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Postcode Data

Postcode Data

UK Postcode data

Why do you need postcode data?

Postcode data can be a valuable asset to help expand your business. It can provide a variety of uses in many different aspects of business applications such as:

  • real estate
  • economic studies
  • location planning & analysis
  • address verifications

Postcode boundary data can be an essential tool for business in the UK today. Together with your own business statistics or other statistics such as census data, you can easily show spatial business trends.

The following example demonstrates how postcode regions can be used to evaluate sales regions of a company. Each sales region can be divided by postcode districts (noted by red boundaries & text). Sales statistics (purple text) within each postcode district can help identify and locate key sales figures for further evaluation. Automatically you can see which areas are performing well! Click on the image for a larger version.

Adding census data as another layer, you can use postcode regions to determine which regions have more potential customers. For example, showing the number of people in each postcode region and the percentage of people earning over £30,000 per year can clearly identify target areas for sales.

The uses for postcode data in business are endless and it can be a valuable tool for marketing purposes.

Origins of our postcode data

The XYZ postcode data-sets are derived from the Royal Mail master database. The XYZ Digital Map Company is an approved reseller of the Royal Mail address database which will assure you access to the most accurate postal data available. Royal Mail data is updated monthly, and we can provide quarterly updates of the Royal Mail postal information.

Product Types

Our postcode data is available in the form of a variety of products (including Post Locator-the superior replacement for the now defunct Postzon) or as product combinations (listed below). You can purchase the data for the whole U.K. or just your area of interest.

Products are sold as:
Digital & tabular file formats

  • Postcode Address File (PAF®)
  • Post Locator File
  • PAF® & Post Locator File
  • Post Locator GIS Format
  • PAF® & Post Locator GIS Format
  • XYZ Postcode Area map data
  • XYZ Postcode District & Area map data
  • XYZ Postcode Sector, District, & Area map data

Maps in hard copy or as imagery

  • Paper map
  • GIF image

Product Description & Details

Postcode Address File (PAF®)

The PAF can provide tabular data for about 27 million unique postal addresses and over 1.5 million unique postcodes in the UK.

Possible uses:

  • Address verification
  • Business mailings


Output available by either address or postcode

  • By address with one record for each individual address
  • By postcode with one record per complete individualised postcode


  • Organisation (i.e. company name)
  • Name of premise and / or house number
  • Street
  • Locality (e.g. Dalkeith)
  • Post town (e.g. Edinburgh, which is the Post town where the sorting office is for Dalkeith)
  • County
  • Postcode
  • Address Type - Residential, Business, or Large User

For output by postcode, one further attribute is available which gives the number of delivery points at the postcode (i.e. how many premises share that postcode)

Deliverable formats (Click to download some sample data):

  • Microsoft Access
  • Tab delimited
  • Comma separated (CSV file)
  • DBF file

Prices from £450 for the whole of the UK -
Minimum charge if purchased from Royal Mail £750!

Post Locator

Point locations for Postcodes


  • Postcode Location Points each with their own Individual Coordinates:
  • A Positional Quality Indicator (PQI), which indicates the quality of the data underlying the Post Locator's Location Coordinate (PPLC);
  • A Country Indicator (Scotland, England, Wales or Northern Ireland);
  • National Health Service Region and Area Code;
  • Local Goverment County, District and Wards Codes.

Post Locator:

  • Post Locator provides a Comprehensive Base of Geographiclally Located Data on to which a Wide Range of Applications can be Built.
  • Market Analysis.
  • Risk Analysis for Insurance, Financial and Environmental Services.
  • Site Location Analysis for Retailing.
  • Lifestyle Analysis.
  • Approximate Site Location for Route Planning.
Post Locator Guide
Post Locator CSV Sample
Post Locator ARCGIS Shape Sample
Post Locator MapInfo Tab Sample
Post Locator Pricing
Post Locator in the Map Shop

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XYZ Postcode Data Regions

geographic polygons showing the hierarchy of postcode regions. The data can be purchased for the entire U.K. or just your area of interest. Contact us for pricing information regarding requests by region.

This data is available by level of detail:

  • Areas – An area is the most generalised postcode region dataset. Areas provide the smallest scale of postcode data available. Areas are defined by the letter(s) at the beginning of the Postcode for example EH

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  • Districts – A District is more specific than a postcode area and is defined by the first half of the complete postcode for example EH22

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  • Sectors – Sectors are the most specific postcode region dataset available. They are further defined by the number in the second part of the postcode. One postcode sector would cover a region such as EH22 3

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Possible uses:

  • Ideal for thematic mapping in GIS packages
  • Sales & Marketing - show sales patterns or develop sales regions such as displaying sales patterns
  • Assigning census data information for analyses
  • They are also useful in studies such as in epidemiology or demographics
  • Sectors are useful for planning sales territories


Each data level is delivered as attributed graphic regions


Postcode attributes are given dependant upon specific region type (i.e. area, district, or sector).

  • Area data

Holds the postcode area.

  • District data

Holds the postcode district and its component parts as separate fields (i.e. the postcode area & the postcode number in the first half of the postcode).

  • Sector data

Has the postcode sector, postcode district, and the postcode district’s component parts in separate fields.

Deliverable formats:

  • ArcGIS
  • ArcView
  • MapInfo
  • MaPublisher
  • Other formats may be possible upon request

Optional Extra:

Counts of business and residential postcode addresses within each Area, District, or Sector. The counts are held in the form of attributes attached to the polygons. This information can be put to good use for pursuing clients for business purposes.

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Or perhaps we can produce a specific map you need!
Contact Us if you require further information.

Postcode & Images

Global Mapping offers paper wall maps or raster GIF file images of the UK postal geography at 3 levels.

Postcode Area Map:

Features the whole of the UK with an inset for Londonand shows all UK postcode areas. Further geographic perspective is also provided by inclusion of major towns & cities plus motorways & trunk roads.

Paper Map:

The paper map is A1 (594mm 841mm) in size and supplied on quality paper stock. It can also be encapsulated to make it even harder wearing and giving it a write on wipe off surface.

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GIF Image:

The postcode map supplied as a GIF file is suitable for plotting and for use in a GIS system.

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Postcode District Maps:

There are 7 Postcode District Maps covering the UK, A0 (1189mm x 841mm) in size with background mapping and all the postcode districts clearly marked.

Paper Map:

Maps can also be encapsulated to make it even harder wearing and giving it a write on wipe off surface.

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GIF Image:

The postcode map supplied as a GIF file is suitable for plotting and for use in a GIS system.

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Postcode Sector Maps:

There are 22 Postcode Sector Maps covering the UK, A0 (1189mm x 841mm) in size with background mapping and all the postcode districts clearly marked.

Paper Map:

Maps can also be encapsulated to make it even harder wearing and giving it a write on wipe off surface.

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GIF Image:

The postcode map supplied as a GIF file is suitable for plotting and for use in a GIS system.

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Whatever you need in terms of UK postcodes, Global Mapping can provide it for you

What do you want to do?

Here is a list of questions asked by many of our customers along with the appropriate solution.

“I need a postcode map on paper”

We do postcode area maps of the UK on paper, encapsulated or as a Gif image. For District (e.g. NN13) or Sector maps (e.g. NN13 6) you can choose the part of the country, level of detail, paper size, scale and so forth through our Maps on Demand service. All maps can be previewed via the web before you confirm your order.

“I want a database list of postcodes for planning a direct mail campaign”

Order the PAF post office address file. This is a listing of the 2.1 million postcodes in the UK and the 26 million addresses that they cover. Typically provided as a comma separated (CSV) text file with all the various columns such as street, town, postcode and so forth. Most users have the listings by postcode, i.e. one record per postcode with a house number range, but by address is possible and more suitable for a mail merge.

“I want to use the Postcode database in my publicly accessible website”

You need the PAF file and/or PostZon files. but you also need a Royal Mail web use licence. This is charged either ‘per click’ or as a fixed annual fee. Per click means you need to submit a monthly statement of the number of postcode look-ups on your site. The fixed annual fee is more economic if you expect 400 000 or more look-ups in a year.

“I need a database of postcodes but with National Grid locations as I want to work out distances from one postcode to another”

Order the PostZon file, also PAF if you want full addresses. PostZon contains grid references to the nearest 100 metres for most postcodes other than P.O. Boxes. You also get details of the Ward, Health Authorities, etc that the postcode falls into.

“I want to map my sales territories and results using postcode sectors”

For this you need postcode geography in the form of objects that can be displayed in mapping software like MapInfo and ArcView. Postcode Area, District and Sector data in the form of polygons can be downloaded from our online shop. All objects are attributed, so can easily be joined to e.g. sales figures for each sector. As an optional extra we can provide counts of the number of addresses in each. This is ideal if you are building territories and want roughly the same number of prospects in each, or need to calculate the number of leaflets needed for a marketing campaign.

To order your data go to our online catalogue.

For any other questions please email or call us on 01280 840770