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Global Mapping worked closely with Shell LPG on supplying maps in a corporate style and to tight deadlines. The following comment was sent from Julie Minter at Shell.

online maps of italy

"Hi Alan,

Seriously, I really am very impressed with the way you're turning these maps around. Beats others I have worked with, hands down."

“There are very few (if any), high-quality maps on websites, and that's where Global Mapping Ltd comes in; delivering the best quality maps in the industry. Within the course of my work, I've come in to contact with plenty of mapping companies and Global Mapping is number one without a doubt.

Allow me to introduce myself; I'm a Global Web Manager for Shell GAS (LPG), with responsibility for over 40 websites worldwide. With an aggressive rollout programme, I needed a no-nonsense approach and every confidence that maps would be built quickly and to the highest quality.

Mapsare typically supplied within 24 hours and changes (if any) are dealt with right away. Shell GAS companies worldwide are using the maps to show distributors, filling stations, approved installers, regional offices - and much more.”

Julie Minter, Global Web Manager, Shell GAS (LPG)

Interactive Websites

Walking North Wales

This website has been set up encompassing some of our latest developments including a variable scale bar which allows you to view the map at any scale with the appropriate scale bar depicted-particularly useful when planning your walking trip!

Discover Denbighshire

The design for Discover Denbighshire website (click here for link) has mapping as a primary feature of the visitor's user experience. The website's Home page incorporates an interactive map of the area with the locations of events, places to eat and stay and attractions both clickable and searchable from the very first moment the visitor arrives at the website.

The prominent use of interactive mapping provides a number of benefits. Firstly it familiarises the visitor with the area, showing them the extent of Denbighshire, a county many holidaymakers may predominantly associate with its coastal destinations of Rhyl and Prestatyn. The map illustrates how far the county reaches into the Welsh mainland and highlights the attractions available as an alternative to those of the coastal towns and beaches. The colours and styles used on the map have been designed to work with the corporate branding of the website so that the mapping element is seen as an integral part of the website rather than as simply an "add on". The mapping is linked to a database and CMS so the Discover Denbighshire team can maintain the map content and location details themselves.

Local Plans on the Internet

Global Mapping offer a range of options to help local authorities put Local Plans on the Web. For more information click here.