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OS Street View

OS Street View

About the product

As one of our range of backdrop mapping products, Ordnance Survey's OS Street View is street-level, backdrop map data that is specifically designed for online applications, as it can be downloaded quickly from both the Internet and Intranet.

It provides a scanned image of street-level mapping that can be combined with other data in a geographical information system (GIS), enabling you to clearly visualise a wide range of information in a geographical context. The street-level detail of OS Street View makes it particularly useful for displaying and analysing data about specific localities.

For example, as a road planner, overlaying your own statistical data onto a backdrop of OS Street View enables you to instantly identify individual road junctions where a high number of accidents have been recorded, allowing traffic-calming measures to be targeted to high-risk areas.

OS Street View is fully compatible with other Ordnance Survey digital data products.

Suggested application

  • Ideal for detailed, street-level display and analysis.

Features and benefits

High-resolution raster backdrop map data:

  • Shows clear street-level detail, including building outlines, woodland and water on a static map backdrop.
  • Supplied in low volume data tiles for fast download from the Internet or your Intranet.
  • Includes a colour palette that can be customised to enhance or hide features.

How to order OS Street View™ data

Prices are set out in the following documents:

OS Street View pricing structure (77Kb PDF) | Business Portfolio price list (236 Kb PDF)

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