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About the product

Code-Point provides a precise geographical location for each postcode unit in the United Kingdom. There are approximately 1.7 million postcode units in England, Scotland and Wales, with Northern Ireland's BT postal area accounting for approximately 46 900 postcodes. Each postcode unit, such as KY12 8UP or PO14 2RS, contains an average of fifteen adjoining addresses.


Code-Point includes Gridlink®data. Gridlink is a consortium initiative involving a number of government agencies that have cooperated to improve the consistency and quality of spatially referenced, postcode-based data

Features and benefits

  • An economical planning or marketing tool for users not requiring individual addresses.
  • Includes National Health Service and local government area codes down to ward level.
  • Geographical location for Code-Point is taken from Ordnance Survey's Addressing data.

Suggested applications

  • Market analysis and profiling
  • Statistical analysis
  • Crime pattern analysis
  • Health / Epidemiology profiling
  • Resource allocation
  • Sales targeting
  • Route planning

How to order OS Code-Point™ data

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