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City Map Data

City Maps Data

Currently available for Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham, with Cardiff coming soon. Includes photography, vector and raster data ideally suited for use by the major GIS software packages (such as MapInfo, ArcView, ArcInfo and AutoCAD Map), for use in Internet applications, and for the creation of maps for printing and publication on paper.

Adding census data as another layer, you can use postcode regions to identify which regions have more possible customers. For example, showing the number of people in each postcode region and the percentage of people earning over 30,000 pounds per year can clearly identify target areas for sales. The uses for postcode data in business is endless and can be a valuable tool for marketing purposes.

UK Town Plans

We can supply town centre map plans with road indexes in clear easy to use formats for Macintosh or PC for only £400 each. Generous discounts for bulk orders.

Digital Town Centre Map Plans

Items included

  • Car Parks
  • One Way Streets
  • Railway Stations
  • Shopping Centres
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Police Stations
  • Schools
  • Churches

These town centre map plans can also be adapted to show your business location. For more information please contact us.

City Maps from around the World

You can now get digital demographics maps as well as large-scale street-level maps from around the World via Global Mapping. With our network of international contacts, we can supply data in most formats, both vector and raster, and with the coverage you need.

city maps

XYZ have developed a series of engines enabling maps to be used on CD, GIS, and Internet or just printed. You could run searches on places of interest and street names, plan routes, and add aerial photography or your own information. The data comes with fully attributed vector linework and can be supplied ready to use by the GIS professional, graphic designer or publisher.

City Transport Maps from around the World

Over 100 metro route maps are available from just about every major international city including the London Tube Map and Paris Metro Map.

Paris metro maps   Brussels metro maps   Prague metro maps   Amsterdam metro maps

City Map Data

City plans can be supplied as geo-referenced data sets ready to be imported into a GIS or an application for GPS such as mobile phones.

street maps for GIS

Street level data is available for the whole of the UK and most of Europe and North America as well as selected areas from the rest of the World.

street map data for GIS