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Maps and Atlases Make the Perfect Corporate Gift

Maps and Atlases make the perfect corporate gift because they don’t get thrown away, quite a claim, but think about it, when did you last throw a map away? No I can’t remember either! This short (it’s only a minute long) amusing video explains

If you buy corporate gifts, it must be a source of deep frustration to see the gift bearing your brand lost on a desk or put in a pocket with 5 other branded pens with just a cursory glance, and to then be discarded and forgotten about rather than being in front of your important clients.

So why is it maps, atlases and globes are so valued? It could be our memories of school days and the information we gleaned from them, learning of far off lands and peoples, exotic fruits and places. Whatever the reason it can’t be denied maps have an educational value, which along with their perceived authoritative value makes them an ideal corporate gift that will be appreciated by your client.

Global Mapping was formed in 2001 by a group of experienced cartographers offering a one stop shop for all your mapping requirements as well as publishing our own range of award winning maps, all of which are available for customising with your brand and company details.

Our flexible approach and international contacts mean we can supply just about any map you want, wherever it may be in the World.


Wall maps are great as they are attractive, go on your clients’ wall and have your branding and details in front of them all day. Wall maps can be supplied as paper copies, encapsulated for added perceived value and supplied in postal tubes ready to be sent out.

London Buying Solution

Tour operators and event organisers find a handy folded map of the destination useful, especially if the cover is branded to the corporate guidelines and it contains helpful information. Maps can be folded to almost any size, fold to DL and it will fit in a ‘normal’ envelope or fold down to credit card size and it can slip in your wallet.

Collins are possibly the leading cartographic publishers responsible for the Bartholomew’s brand and also the Times World Atlas. So what better way to offer a top quality corporate gift than one of their World Atlases with your logo blocked on the cover in silver or gold. Click here to view a short video that shows you what can be done.

Flights Globe 1Location GlobeIf you’re looking for something a bit different Global Mapping have a paper globe that comes flat and is constructed purely using tabs and slots so no messy glue or scissors required. The mapping can be completely personalised so, for example, an airline could show their network of routes. The growing interest in stargazing offers possibilities for our Planisphere and other ‘space’ products including the Beginners Guide to Stargazing.

If your market is the educational sector then look no further than our two award winning wall maps, ‘The Dynamic World’– which looks at natural phenomena such as plate tectonics, volcanoes, tsunamis and melting ice caps- and ‘The Environmental World’-looks at mans impact on our planet with oil spills, chemical accidents, deforestation and many other nasties!

So, put your business on the map! There are plenty of ways to promote your brand, get yourselves noticed and remembered. Once you have an idea, get in touch and we can discuss it with you, advise you on what can be done and help you create a product anyone would be delighted to receive and definitely not throw in the bin!

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